Heart of Darkness

Lyric by Paulo Schmidt

Megaira feat. Marcos Miranda (Colônia Cratera’s drumms)


Lord of darkness

Reigns in the valley of death

Lonely in his sadness

In your cold and sunless world

God of tartar

Torment and death around you

In a world of madness

Life without love was your truth


What a beautifull girl

Picking your flowers and bringing joy to the world

My heart of darkness woke up

She would be a perfect queen to illuminate my world

All the torment and pain would be softened by you


I come to you now

As any mother would

I plead you to return my daughter to me

Please don´t you take her away from me

The land thrives from unity and feeds the hopes of men


A chariot rips the ground with black horses with blazing eyes


Do you want to ride in my chariot Core?


You come to me to claim our realm


I can give you a world that you can rule


The goddess of life can´t live with the dead

Help! Mother!

Where do I go?

I lost my freedom to the Underworld

A dark world awaits me

I just what to be free

Everything is dark

Everything is sorrow

Fertility can´t blossom in this ground of despair


The chariot

After crossing the fog

Reached the gate with Cerberus, his watchdog


Trapped within these walls

That smother all that breathe

You can´t use the shapeless beast

To keep a hold of me

I am the princess realm of life

My womb will wither and die

In this land of eternal death

I bring to all fertility

Life can´t prosper confined in here

I beg you to set me free


You can have anything you want Core


I´ll Have no rest ‘til Zeus dethrones you!


So look at fruits I brought you…

(Core )

These fruits are poison I am no fool

Lord of darkness

Lord of sadness

In a world of madness

My heart of darkness


Have no fear my dear!

See all the gold and diamonds around

I’ll make you a feast

Your mother ?

Stay here with me until the end of time


Please don´t you take her away from me

The land thrives from unity and feeds the hopes of men


Core! Daughter!

Where are you?

I hope you are near!

How did you disappear?

Core! Daughter! Core!

Without you

My life would be sore,

No need to fear

I’ll find you