Megaira was formed in 2009 at the ABC Paulista region, Brazil, and was soon distinguished as a hybrid crossover act that fuses Thrash/Death with Traditional Metal with lyrics inspired by the Greek Mythology. Currently formed by Paulo Schimit (Guttural Vocals), Annia Bertoni (Metal Vocals), Paulo Melo (Guitar), Tom Petram (Guitar), Tiago Souza (Bass) and Paulo Lima (Drums), the songs bring influences of Black Metal with 80’s Thrash / Death / Power Metal and all the compositions are based in historical studies on Greek Mythology.
In the year 2010, the band performed in the capital of São Paulo and in the following year was marked by the completion of the debut album’s composition process. In the first half of 2012, the process of recording “Power, Lies and Death” was started with recordings and mastering by producer Luiz Portinari and finished with the adictional mastering and mixing by producer Thiago Oliveira (Warrel Dane).
The result was an album that features Extreme Metal and Traditional Metal with guttural/death vocals contrasting with female heavy metal vocals, showing a new way for telling Greek Mythology stories with a touch of nostalgia from great bands of the past decades.
The debut album “Power, Lies and Death” by Shinigami Records is avalible in digital,  Brazilian stores and online shop  since October 2017 and  show a new brand of Metal reinvented with power and energy to portray ancient history.


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