Treason by Treason

Music by Paulo Melo and liryc by Paulo Schmidt
Megaira feat. Wall Almeida (Aneurose) and Giovanni Norbiatto (Viscera)

Uranus and Gaia
Ruled in heaven and earth
They had the titans
Born after the cyclops had been thrown into the Tartar
Attached to anvil

I am the strongest and control is mine
I won’t be defeated by anyone who tries

My sons you must free your brothers
As it has been prophisized
Uranus will be dethroned by the hand of his son
No matter how strong

Your chances are better when sleep arrives
Don’t hesitate or the same fate will fall over you
And nothing can bring you back from the dark

I will rip you
Taking your vital force
I will spread your blood in the immensity

Cronus lead us now that tyranny is over
And bring back the peace to each other

I am the strongest and control is mine
I won’t be defeated by anyone who tries

Rhea my sister and wife
Every newborn son
Will be devoured by me
I won’t make the same mistake of my father
Who said I would also fall by the hand of my son
I will make everyone go

Take our last son Zeus
That I covered in cloth
Because I cannot bear to see you again
Swallow another son

Now that Rhea tricked Cronus
Zeus will live in Crete with the Nymphs and Centaurs
In a cave in the forest to fulfill his fate

Do you want to
drink with me?
I came from far away
Drink and feel the pleasure

And with that drink
Cronus vomited all his sons
Who have joined the storm
That Zeus would create

I am the strongest
I’m ready to fight
I’ll bring back the titans
Titanomachy will start