The Fall of Minotaur

Music by Paulo Melo and Lyric by Paulo Schmidt



Walking into the world of despair

Approaching more and more

To the center of the labyrinth now

Smell of death surrounding me everywhere

The bones of the ones

Who cannot back alive are spread

On the ground showing the violent

Scenery of the worst nightmare



I fell the smell of a human

Coming this way

My entertainment now is near

Another poor human comes

Lost in your mind

He will die with terror in his eyes



I can fell the footsteps on the ground

And listen to the sound

Of a scary roar crossing

In the air and showing its strength for all

I can feel the presence of the beast

I cannot hesitate

I must be quick in the fight

I got to strike a fatal blow



Now I can see the foolish man

In front of me

But his face shows no fear

He comes to me

Grasping his sword rage in his eyes

He fears no death

Suddenly I fell a violent blow right into my neck



My work is done

The freedom has come

We can go home

No one of my people

Will die no more