Power, Lies and Death

Megaira power,lies and death
15 de agosto de 2017
Number of discs: 1

The concept of Megaira’s debut album “Power, Lies and Death” is based on several popular stories from Greek mythology such as the Minotaur, the labyrinth and the death of Icarus, but it also features characters not so well-known and their trajectories, as Constellation Corona Borealis and the departure of Minos being the judge in Tartarus.

“Power, Lies and Death” begins by narrating about Minos, the king of Crete, his longing for power, and Ariadne, his daughter, who helped Theseus, the hero of Athens, enter the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur.

At that moment is presented Dedalus, inventor and architect, who was punished by the king along with his son Icarus to be trapped inside his own creation, the labyrinth, recounts his spectacular escape that resulted in the death of Icarus. Furious, Minos goes to Sicily in search of Dedalus, but ends up dying, thus going to Tartarus and becoming, along with his other 2 brothers, in one of the judges of Hades.

In addition to these and other stories, the album also features the song Erinyes, which tells the story of the three deities who punish mortals for their sins, one of them Megaira, who name to the band.

The end result as a musical construction of “Power, Lies and Death” is an album that has the characteristics of Extreme Metal and Traditional Metal features, guttural vocals  contrasting with female heavy metal vocals and brings influences from Black Metal with Thrash / Metal bands / Melodic from the 80’s and 90’s, presenting a new phase of the reworked style, with power and energy to represent stories of Greek mythology in a modern way.

The album Power, Lies and Death has the following songs:

RISING OF THE KING (INTRO) – Orchestrated instrumental opening

POWER AND CRUELTY – It tells the story of Minos, the son of Zeus and Europe, who killed his brothers to take power in Crete by having Dedalus, his architect, build the maze to house the Minotaur and defend his palace by taking oaths of power and conquest.

ARIADNE’S THREAD – It tells the story of Theseus, hero of Athens, who wanted to kill the Minotaur and end the tribute to Athens imposed by Crete. After learning of the Oracle of Delphi that could only win with the force of love he makes a marriage proposal for the princess Ariadne that helps him to enter and exit the labyrinth with a simple trick.

THE FALL OF MINOTAUR – It tells Theseus’s entrance into the labyrinth, a scary environment with the smell of death. Knowing that he can come across with the monster at any moment he prepares to take a fatal blow and when he has the best chance kills the Minotaur as soon as he finds it.

DEDALUS AND ICARU’S ESCAPE – Minos is angry with Dedalus for his labyrinth to have failed, the Minotaur to have been killed and his daughter taken away by a foreigner. The king sentences him and his son Icarus to die in their own creation, but they manage to escape the labyrinth by building wings with beeswax and feathers of birds.

CORONA BOREALIS – The princess Ariadne is abandoned by Theseus on an island while she slept. She falls into despair upon waking, but finds the goddess Aphrodite who promises her the immortal love of Bacchus with which she lived until her last. After his death, by love and devotion to Ariadne, Bacchus transforms him into the constellation Corona Borealis.

END OF A REIGN (BEGIN THE JUDGEMENT) – Minos arrives in Sicily where Daedalus had taken shelter and orders King Cocalos to hand him over to be punished, otherwise he would invade the palace. Knowing the intentions of Minos, the king Cocalos manages to persuade him with the help of his daughters to enter and to rest, but is killed by them scalded in a bath. After his death Minos goes to Tartarus, where he is summoned by Hades to join his two brothers and become their judge.

ERINYES – It tells the story of the 3 Erinyes, daughters of Nemesis, the goddess of revenge who punished the gods. Alecto (Nameless), spreads pestilences and curses to punish mortals for moral crimes, Trisiphone (Punishment) whips and drives to punish the murderers and Megaira (Rancor) eternally shouts the faults of unfaithful sinners to the marriage without giving rest to the mind taking them To despair and insanity.