Dedalus and Icaru’s Escape

Music by Paulo Melo and Lyric by Paulo Schmidt

I gave you shelter
Runaway of Athens
I gave you
One chance renewall
You betray me
And cover my wife
Gave a ball of thread
To my daughter
The minotaur
Was decapitated
And the enemy
Leave with my daughter
You will pay
Together with your son
Your creation
Will be your tomb

Die liar
Die betrayer
Die liar
Die betrayer

No one can get out of this place
We don’t deserve this huge disgrace
Roaming inside the walls to die

Listen to me son don’t worry now
I have a plan to get out
If we don’t go by the ground
We must fly above these walls

I will realize my dream of flying
This wings will make my secret wish come true
Now I’ll fly so high into the sky
And nothing will tear my desire apart

Aproaching the heat of the sun
Damage on wings are done
Dreams to nightmare
Icarus falls by his pride

Die by pride